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Tell us what you can do now that you couldn’t do before using our socket technology


“It is so much more comfortable.  It feels like it’s a part of me. I really feel supported.”

Brendan, Transhumeral Amputee, USA

“It’s really responsive.  Before I couldn’t bend over and lock my elbow with the [traditional] figure 8 harness since it would ride up. This new Vest Harness also helps your posture, instead of being pulled forward like what I used to have. For a body-powered this is awesome!  I think it’s 100% better than the old figure 8 harness, for sure.”

Kirt, Transhumeral Amputee, USA

“I have so much better control.  I used to have to adjust my old harness back and forth a million times and I’ve never got it this good.”

 Kim, Transhumeral Amputee, USA

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