“I used HealthyLimb AM/PM on my residuum that was over used, severely irritated, and
I thought I might have to go without my prosthesis. I used as directed and my skin was 75% cleared by the morning
and after the next night it was 100% better! Best product I’ve tried in my 8+ years as an above knee, k4+ patient…and practitioner. I tried it on my mildly chronic dry face, two mornings later, looking and feeling so much better and confident!”

– Peter, HealthyLimb user, transfemoral amputee, and clinical practitioner

“I use HealthyLimb on my 20 month
old son who suffers from eczema on the
backs of his legs. Within just 4-5 applications
it cleared it up completely.”

– Sandy, HealthyLimb user and mother

“My skin used to occasionally have
chaffing, heat rash, and dryness,
but now my skin is much more
rejuvenated and consistently less dry.”

– Sarah, HealthyLimb user and transfemoral amputee

“My husband is currently undergoing chemotherapy and has been struggling with dry,
irritated skin that has turned into red bumps. I had him put on HealthyLimb before he
went to bed and he woke up with completely clear, non-irritated skin.
Thank you so much for this wonderful product!!!”

– Brittany, HealthyLimb user

“HealthyLimb reduces my skin breakdown
I get at the top of my sealing sleeve and
helps my skin from drying out.
I also use it on my sound side.”

– Nick, HealthyLimb user and transtibial amputee

“When I work outside for along hours I get skin irritation. HealthyLimb gives fast acting relief that
allows me to continue the activities at hand. I use HealthyLimb after removing my leg,
and it gives the peace of mind knowing that when I go to put the leg on
in the morning my skin irritation will be gone.”

– Craig, HealthyLimb user and transfemoral amputee

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