HealthySkin AM/PM

Nourish Your Limbs with the Most Effective Skin Protectant Available.

▪ Use daily to help prevent skin irritations typically found in prosthetics and orthotics users.
▪ Organic botanical extracts promote circulation and skin regeneration.
▪ Clinically proven to help prevent and heal diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, and skin breakdown.
▪ No parabens, no lanolin, no fragrances, no dyes, no petroleum products, no compromise.


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New Research Helps Amputees Remain Active, Longer, and Healthier.
HealthySkin is a natural skin protectant and treatment for a variety of skin conditions typically found in prosthetics and orthotics users. The unique HealthyLimb formulation was originally developed to help prevent and heal diabetic ulcers, bed sores, and for burn-relief. The same powerful ingredients are now available for prosthetic and orthotic users.

Daily Protectant.
Use HealthySkin as a daily protectant against skin breakdown, pressure sores, heat rash, abrasions, chaffing, dryness, folliculitis, dermatitis, ulcers, eczema, psoriasis, and to keep the limbs hydrated.

Scientifically Proven
to promote circulation and help prevent skin irritations when used daily. HealthySkin’s botanical extracts nourish the skin to restore skin health. The rigorous clinical and scientific studies behind HealthySkin demonstrate that its micronutrients provide skin with the building blocks necessary to repair and regain health when used as directed, even in patients with severe skin disease.

Organic Ingredients.
No parabens, no lanolin, no petroleum products, no sulfates, no dyes, no fragrances, no synthetic preservatives. Hypoallergenic – safe for all skin types.